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What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small files which contain bits of information. These are sent to your browser by the websites you visit. The use of cookies results in a more pleasant experience for the user and a better understanding of our customers for us.

Cookies are essential for a proper functioning of your Internet. They will not harm your device and once they are active, they allow us to detect possible internal issues on

Types of Cookies

There are several types of cookies. They all work in the same way, but there are slight differences.

  • Session Cookies: these last as long as your visit to our web does. Their purpose is to identify the type of device that is being used and keep the safety of the web.
  • Permanent Cookies: these are stored in the harddrive of a device and our web reads them every time a new visit to takes place. This helps us understand how our users find us and improve our services with this information.
  • Functionality Cookies: these Cookies allow to remember the different choices made by our users whilst on the site, such as login details. These details are completely anonymous, meaning the Cookies do not store personal information like names or addresses.
  • Analytical Cookies: these are cookies which main purpose is to periodically maintain the inner workings of the website, guaranteeing the best possible service to its users.
  • Third-Party Cookies: these cookies are installed on a website the user is not visiting at that moment. For instance, cookies used by social media sites (such as Facebook) or by other external applications (like Google Maps). 

Use of Cookies on

By accessing, the users is accepting the use of Cookies on their device. If the user deactivates the use of Cookies, it is possible their visits to the site will decrease its quality and some of the elements installed will not work properly.

Own Cookies

It is in both our and the user’s interest to optimize the use of Cookies so we can offer them a better experience. By accepting the use of Cookies, the user will save time and their experience will be tailored to their preferences.

Cookies do not store personal information such as telephone numbers or email addresses. Cookies cannot steal any information from your harddrive.

Should you wish to do so, you can refuse the use of Cookies by selecting the proper configuration on your browser. However, this might affect the functionality of this site.

User’s configuration to avoid Cookies

From, and in compliance with the current norm, we provide our users with the information that will enable them to set their browser preferences to keep their privacy and safety in relation to the use of Cookies. 

This is how you can block Cookies, depending on your browser:

  • From Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Configuration. Find out more on: y
  • From Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies. Find out more on:
  • From Chrome: Options > Advanced Options > Privacy. Find out more on:
  • From Opera, by clicking on the Safety and Privacy tab, you will be able to set your browser. Find out more on: